Customers using iPlato’s patient messaging platform will now receive free use of the NHS App messaging and notification service, giving patients a secure alternative to SMS messaging.

The new feature has been added to the platform, which offers multi-channel engagement tools including pre-paid messaging bundles, comprehensive reporting and best practice templates in addition to remote consultation, online consultation and patient surveys.

Connecting over 33 million people, iPLATO is one of the largest patient communication platforms in the UK. As an early adopter of data messaging, iPLATO assisted NHS England in the development of this latest messaging innovation.

Combining the NHS App messaging channel with existing iPLATO routes has the potential to more than halve the costs of SMS messaging for GP practices.

iPLATO’s head of product Jak Moore explains: “Our collaboration with the NHS App team has meant we have combined technologies to potentially save the NHS millions in messaging costs.

“Being one of the first to market with NHS App messaging integration reaffirms iPLATO’s position as a leading digital innovation partner to the NHS.”

Messaging and notification integration to the NHS App through the iPLATO Smart Gateway was piloted by a group of Lancashire practices in November 2022. Within Lancashire Integrated Care Board (ICB), 27% of patients have the myGP app on their device and 49% have the NHS App.

With this combined free solution, practices across Lancashire ICB can expect to save around half of their patient messaging costs.

Prior to the Lancashire trial, iPLATO had already sent over 6.8 million messages to the ICB’s patients last year, of which 20% were delivered as free myGP in-app data messages, saving over £26,000.

As leaders in patient engagement having worked alongside the NHS for over 20 years, iPLATO champion making healthcare more accessible for all, whilst remaining cost-effective.

iPLATO CEO and founder Tobias Alpsten comments: “In addition to free data messages through the myGP app, we are supporting GP practices by providing NHS App integration free-of-charge.

“With 2.8 million users on the myGP app, this latest addition equips GP practices with more channels to effectively engage with their patient populations.”

Benefitting from a responsive support function and dedicated Customer Success Managers who proactively educate their practice networks, iPlato is continuing to develop the patient messaging platform for successful patient engagement.