Oracle Cerner’s combined population health data platform, HealtheIntent, and predictive risk analytics, proved to be powerful tools in Wirral’s winter 2021/22 campaign to encourage Covid-19 and influenza vaccination uptake among key cohorts of residents. The campaign, by Healthy Wirral Partners (HWP), targeted higher risk people, such as those aged between 50 and 65, pregnant women, and people living with long-term health conditions.

HWP used the technology to convey meaningful public health messages directly to people who would benefit most from vaccination. Working with HWP’s communication and vaccination teams, behavioural marketers at ICE created messaging through social media platforms, centred around the principle of ‘social norming.’ This promoted vaccination as normal behaviour, encouraging higher risk individuals to participate.

The imagery and messaging of the campaign was designed to alleviate concerns and reassure individuals that the Covid-19 and influenza vaccines were safe and effective.

During the eight-week campaign, 4,488 people clicked through to the vaccination booking site. The campaign contributed to an estimated £25,000 saving for NHS maternity services. The cost avoidance for the NHS, in relation to 50-65 year-olds and those with long-term conditions, was estimated in the region of £70,000.

It is hoped that similar strategies can be adopted to support work around a nationwide initiative tackling health inequalities and deprivation.

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