Orange has announced it will integrate its healthcare business with health data exchange software company Enovacom.

Orange Business Services acquired Enovacom in November 2018 and it is hoped the reorganisation of its healthcare care entities will allow both companies to meet the needs of customers.

Pierre-Louis Biaggi, senior vice president for digital and data at Orange Business Services and chief executive of Enovacom, said: “Orange Business Services understands the need to gain momentum in the healthcare sector.

“Thanks to this integration, Enovacom—which is already a leader in terms of interoperability in France—will see its expertise enhanced and expand its portfolio to offer tailored solutions for all healthcare players.

“Enovacom will be able to take advantage of the strengths of the Orange Group to face the many healthcare challenges ahead and take part in larger scale projects. Enovacom has all the attributes required to become a leader in e-health in France.”

The new structure will focus on four key challenges: health data protection; exchanges and sharing between players in the health ecosystem; patient journey digitisation; and health data utilisation.

Enovacom’s UK presence includes working with Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust.

Laurent Frigara, deputy CEO of Enovacom, added: “A new page of Enovacom’s history is being written. By focusing on the healthcare ambitions of the Digital and Data unit of Orange Business Services from now on, we are taking on a new dimension.

“Now more than ever we need to work alongside those who care for us in order to improve medical devices. The support and expertise of Orange Business Services will help solidify the foundations of Enovacom solutions. Our commitment at present is to develop new products to meet the current and future needs of our 1,600 customers.”