The brand-new state-of-the-art Nova Hospital in central Finland was completed in 2021.

Its aim to adopt innovative technology specifically in support of its front-line clinical staff, with a focus on productivity, efficiency gains and data-secure technology, was planned years beforehand. Integrating medical devices and patient data was a key aim to ensure the continuum of care and collect valuable insights.

This project is perfectly aligned to a key objective of the newly published NHS Mandate 2023 where “the priority to support the workforce is central to the mandate.” With this in mind, giving timely access to diagnostics is critical to provide responsive, high-quality services and using data and automation technology is also vital to deliver “recovery” of services post COVID-19.

By amalgamating patient information and test data from various medical devices via a strategic interoperability platform, Nova Hospital has reduced the number of separate entries in different places, gaining valuable working time for other health care priorities and improving the quality and breadth of patient data available to them.

The hospital used to link the test data collected from the equipment to a patient location, not directly to a patient. Subsequently the patient data from various sources would be recorded by hand in the patient system. Partnering with Enovacom, the hospital adopted barcode scanning. They now associate the patient barcode wristband with any medical device using a handheld smartphone device. As a result, hospital staff have improved efficiency of the care process and have ensured positive patient identification, as well as guaranteed data security.

The Enovacom Patient Connect device integration platform delivers real-time quality patient data and provides Nova hospital’s nursing staff with access to data gathered across the patient’s entire care pathway.

As part of the project, training was provided for almost 2,000 professionals on the use of patient monitors, ventilators, infusion devices and IT systems, around 500 people in emergency medicine and services use the system on a daily basis and over 1,000 devices have been connected to the patient data system.

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