Getting the patient experience right relies on many variables, but delivering the highest standards of care should always be the top priority. When looking to help NHS teams focus more on what they do best, understanding the impact that the right technology can have is crucial.

Academia know what good looks like. It means using intuitive, secure and connected devices that streamline care delivery, support the automation of manual processes, and ensure fast and efficient access to key apps and data on the move.

Using iPad, combined with healthcare-specific apps and value-added services, Academia help deliver on some of the most important outcomes healthcare providers want to achieve. These include:

  • better patient experiences;
  • reduced clinician workloads;
  • enhanced clinician mobility;
  • increased operational efficiency;
  • improved care at home.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust* report that by using remote monitoring apps for heart failure patients they have seen:

  • 81% reduction in unplanned admissions.
  • 65% reduction in A&E attendance.
  • 65% lower hospital costs.

Subscribers to Academia’s flexible comprehensive subscription service, Academia Select, can access everything they need in one, including:

  • Powerful Apple products, such as iPad
  • Healthcare apps that improve patient care and efficiency
  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Mobile Device Management
  • User training
  • Accessories
  • Security
  • Lifecycle Services

A guide is now available which explains the role of iPad and healthcare apps in enhancing patient experiences and accelerating digital transformation.

Read the full case study, and access the guide, here.

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*Source: Remote monitoring in heart failure: The Imperial experience. Paper presented at the LMDC conference in Amsterdam (Oct 2022) by Dr Carla Plymen, Consultant Cardiologist & Heart Failure Lead at Imperial.