Basic Income March 2021

Basic Income March 2021

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  •   August 24, 2021

The next Basic Income March of 2021 is planned for Saturday, September 25th, 2021!

There are marches planned in Reno NV, Madison WI, Denver CO, MountainView CA, Las Vegas, New York City, Portland, Los Angeles, and locations around the world.

See the full list and participate here!

What is UBI? UBI stands for Unconditional/Universal Basic Income.

UBI is a foundational income floor. UBI can use poverty-line data to do that, and governments, states, or cities can implement UBI policy to ensure UBI. Once people are up out of poverty then they can live a normal life. Just like the CTC ensures all families with children of a certain age receive monthly payments to help with necessities, a UBI can be ensured to everyone by similar methods with a similar lack of complexity. Learn more about UBI here.

About the Basic Income March from the website:

In April 2019, social worker and co-founder of Basic Income NYC Diane Pagen and 2020 candidate for U.S. Congress James Felton Keith came together with the goal of organizing a public event in a show of force and inclusion for basic income. They connected with the Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity and Income Movement, two organizations leading the charge on grassroots organizing for basic income who grew the event to more than 30 cities across the globe. Today, the Basic Income March is supported by basic income organizations, volunteers, local organizers, candidates, donors, and academics from around the globe. We are, all of us and you included, a worldwide grassroots movement for economic change in the 21st century.

Learn more and get involved at

Follow the @income_movement on twitter.

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