Basic Income reignited in South Africa

Basic Income reignited in South Africa

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  •   August 26, 2021

When South Africa entered pandemic lockdown an emergency grant of R350 was introduced called the Social Relief of Distress (SroD) Grant, also known as the 'Covid Grant'. In June 2020, a statement was released by The C19 People’s Coalition Cash Transfers subgroup, as part of an emerging civil society collective set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, titled "Guaranteed Income Security for All" , the statement calls for the immediate implementation of a basic income guarantee in South Africa, with the support of a growing group of basic income champion organizations behind it.

One such organization is now called PayTheGrants @PayTheGrants "a growing people’s campaign for a #BIG endorsed by major trade unions, faith based-organisations, and over 250 other organisations."

In March 2021 the Institute for Economic Justice (IEJ) released a brief titled "Introducing a Universal Basic Income Guarantee for South Africa", calling the UBI a UBIG, the brief outlined how the policy can be implemented as well as why it must be implemented sooner rather than later.

According to The Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute a Universal Basic Income Guarantee in South Africa should be R1268 a month, to assist over 13 million people living under the poverty line.

In July 2021 after the country experienced unrest, rioting, and looting, the President Cyril Ramaphosa said that the South African government was investigating the feasibility of introducing a basic income grant.

In August 2021 a Green Paper was published by The Department of Social Development that included plans for a universal income grant aimed at lifting individuals out of poverty. You can read the paper here.

According to this tweet, the reinvigorated Basic Income debate in South Africa extends onto TV @etv this Saturday the 28th. 

For more updates on the #BasicIncome push in South Africa follow @black_sash and @PayTheGrants

For more information and to learn more about UBI read the 101 here.

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