Digital Economic Inclusion

Digital Economic Inclusion

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  •   July 26, 2021

Digital Economic Inclusion

DIGICEN defines Digital Economic Inclusion as ensuring everyone has access to the variety of tools necessary to participate in the economy and society, while encouraging democratic participation and social entrepreneurship. The necessary tools include: a foundational income floor, such as a Universal Basic Income (UBI), freedom to use the CBDC, access to Internet-enabled Devices and Apps (Universal Access), and access to Democracy Technology, such as Voting Helper Apps. Digital Economic Inclusion cannot work without a commitment to diversity.

Digital Economic Inclusion Innovation Cycle

Digital Economic Inclusion Innovation Cycle

The Basic Income Earth Network defines Basic Income as: "A periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement."  so that everyone may participate in the economy and so that they have the necessary tools for personal financial empowerment. Without income, people are sapped of energy and cannot maintain good health, they cannot invest in education, and may find it difficult to access information. Without free and open access to information in an increasingly technological world, people have difficulty obtaining an income. Put together, without proper education, information, and income… crime, regression, and stress increase, while mental and physical health suffers. Typically a monthly disbursement of cash, DIGICEN advocates for digital methods of UBI deployment through bank accounts and/ or through Internet-enabled Devices and Apps.

Besides ensuring a foundational financial floor through UBI, DIGICEN advocates for the implementation of CBDCs or Central Bank Digital Currencies that will enable participation in the economy. The CBDC will compliment the existing monetary system, so all the socially empowering government programs will continue, and potential new programs and state innovations may be created. DIGICEN will work with local innovation centers and libraries to provide information on how the poverty-stricken and homeless can participate in cash transfer programs as well as advocate for Digital Literacy programs that emphasize Digital Economic Inclusion using Internet enabled Devices and Apps. With Universal Internet Access comes access to knowledge as well as the freedom to share knowledge and participate in democracy using free and open communication platforms.

The CBDC that DIGICEN advocates for are not cryptocurrencies and do not use blockchain. DIGICEN advocates against the use of cryptocurrencies for a variety of reasons, under the guise of market and technological disruption: 1. They are a gambling-like risk. 2. They resemble elements of cults and religions. 3. They increase wealth inequality. 4. They have a history of encouraging violence and artificial scarcity. 5. They corrode existing institutions and erode trust in existing institutions by attempting to replace them entirely. 6. They encourage illegal activity. Read more here.

Innovation #TechForGood:

Participation in the economy and the access to personal financial empowerment tools enables the time and resources for increased Democratic Participation. DIGICEN advocates for the use of Democracy Technology to further increase Democratic Participation for a more robust civil society. Democracy Technology includes useful Apps that can be installed on computers, tablets, and smartphones, or websites that anyone can access on their devices, this includes voting assistance apps like (@votedotorg), &

Participation in the economy and the access to personal financial empowerment tools also enables the time and resources for increased Social Entrepreneurship
, projects that work towards societal-improvement, and planetary-betterment both locally and globally. Learn more about Social Entrepreneurship here. DIGICEN aims to be an ally to Social Entrepreneurship
 projects that align with the goals of Digital Economic Inclusion as stated above.

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