Joining the UBI Movement

The Basic Income March 2021 is Saturday, September 25th! Join here!

1. Visit the Basic Income Earth Network and sign up to the Monthly Bulletin.

2. Join the /r/BasicIncome community on reddit.

3. Comprehend UBI: https://ubi.earth/comprehending-universal-basic-income

4. Join the Movement: https://www.incomemovement.org

5. Join the upcoming March! https://www.basicincomemarch.com/

6. Follow the UBI Movement on Twitter: @income_movement

7. Join a local group.

8. Add a #BasicIncome hashtag to your posts and profile/bio.

9. Speak up on Social Networks about #BasicIncome!

10. Support candidates that support UBI: https://ofthepeople.us/candidates?t=UBI

More accounts to follow:

@IncomeOrlando - Income Movement Orlando
@ubimarchsf - UBI March San Francisco
@LA_BasicIncome - LA Basic Income March
@BasicIncomeLA - LA Basic Income
@UIProj - Universal Income Project
@EconomicSecProj - Economic Security Project
@digicenorg - DIGICEN.ORG Network
@UBILabNetwork - UBI Lab Network
@mayorsforagi - Mayors for a Guaranteed Income
@UBImovement - Supporting the UBI Movement
@basicincomeorg - Basic Income Earth Network
@scottsantens - Scott Santens UBI Advocate
@UBIToday - Basic Income Today (NEWS)
@larrycohen - Larry Cohen UBI Advocate
@HFMovement - Humanity First Movement
@PhilllChabbb - Philippe Chabot UBI Advocate
@AndrewYang - Andrew Yang UBI Advocate
@HumanityForward - Humanity Forward
@JFKii - JFK UBI Advocate
@Women4UBI - Women for UBI
@FundForHumanity - Gerald Huff Fund For Humanity
@BasicBc - Basic Income Victoria BC
@BasicIncomeScot - Basic Income Scotland
@cbinscot - Basic Income Network Scotland
@BasicIncomeTX - Basic Income Texas
@BasicIncomeLDN - Basic Income London
@basicincome_uk - Basic Income UK
@basicincomeEU - Basic Income Europe
@TheUBICenter - The UBI Center
@basicincomeEU - Basic Income Europe
@basicincomecdn - Basic Income Canada
@ubi_works - UBI Works
@paythegrants - PayTheGrants South Africa

More ideas:
Post on Social Media with the #BasicIncome hashtag.
Create a UBI Image and post on /r/BasicIncome and on Social Media.
Create a UBI Infographic and post on /r/BasicIncome and on Social Media.
Create a UBI Video and post on /r/BasicIncome and on Social Media.
Create a UBI Tool/App/Paper and post on /r/BasicIncome and on Social Media.
Create a UBI Poster/Flyer and post IRL!
Write an article and post it in /r/BasicIncome and with the #BasicIncome hashtag!
Write an essay and post it in /r/BasicIncome and with the #BasicIncome hashtag!
Wear and display UBI t-shirts and other materials!
Attend protests and/or upcoming marches!
Simply talk to everyone about Basic Income.
Find some more ideas here: How can I support Basic Income?

Guide Photo Credit: Amaris Woo & Eric Chung h/t @ubimarchsf

Page last modified: 03 September, 2021