Open App Markets Act

Open App Markets Act

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  •   August 12, 2021

In today's modern and mobile world, our smartphones are essential parts of our economic, social, and civic lives.

A breakthrough U.S. legislation was recently introduced that will make mobile operating systems more beneficial to everyday users.

The new bill may dramatically alter the mobile software ecosystem by allowing users to easily install third-party apps and even app stores.

It will also give developers timely access to the operating system, development information, hardware and software features, in order to compete with official Apple and Google apps and provides considerations regarding the unequal ranking of apps.

Lastly, the bill makes it so that developers are not required to use Google or Apple in-app payment systems.

Currently, on iOS, Apples operating system, it is impossible to buy apps from non-Apple App stores. On Google's Android operating system it is possible but very difficult, there are many steps and it is discouraged by Google. Allowing users to easily install third-party apps and app stores would make apps more universally available and increase interoperability and innovation on mobile devices as the barrier for entry for developers could potentially be reduced. This could be a big win-win for both smartphone users and developers.

"Competition is critical to protecting small businesses and consumers, spurring innovation, and promoting economic equity. But as mobile technologies have become essential to our daily lives, it has become clear that a few gatekeepers control the app marketplace, wielding incredible power over which apps consumers can access. This raises serious competition concerns, by establishing new rules for app stores, this legislation levels the playing field and is an important step forward in ensuring an innovative and competitive app marketplace." said Amy Klobuchar.

Before the bill can become law, it must go through Congress, the legislation was backed by Richard Blumenthal, Amy Klobuchar, and Marsha Blackburn. More details about the bill can be found here:

In our smartphone-connected-world, an internet-enabled device is a modern necessity. It allows for participation in social circles, interacting with others online too, in online communities, on social networks, in web forums, and on other social platforms. Allowing for a wider variety of apps and helping developers easily enter into new app ecosystems could both increase Digital Inclusion and Digital Economic Inclusion and DIGICEN supports this new bill.

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