The Digital Economic Inclusion Innovation Cycle

The Digital Economic Inclusion Innovation Cycle

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  •   August 5, 2021

The Digital Economic Inclusion Innovation Cycle

The Digital Economic Inclusion Innovation Cycle

What are the elements of the cycle?

Economic Inclusion: The idea that everyone can participate in the economy making for a robust economy. Before someone has the opportunity to purchase a smartphone or internet-enabled device and other basic necessities they require the income necessary to do so. Income can be obtained through jobs and/or via cash-transfer programs such as a Basic Income policy, a tax credit policy (like the CTC), and with the help of tools such as a CBDC.

Internet Access and Digital Inclusion: The idea of making sure that everyone has access to internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers so that they may benefit from and participate in society. With Universal Internet Access, comes access to knowledge as well as the freedom to share knowledge and participate in democracy using free and open communication platforms. In our modern smartphone-connected-world, participation in social circles involves interacting with others online too, in online communities, on social networks, in web forums, and on other social platforms. All of these together make having an internet-enabled device a modern necessity.

Democratic Engagement & Social Entrepreneurship: With internet access and economic inclusion comes more time and freedom to be civically and socially engaged. Tools, known as democracy technology or democracy tech, are being created so that anyone can access them on their devices, including voting assistance apps like (@votedotorg), & These apps and websites encourage democratic participation for a more robust civil society. With economic inclusion also comes additional freedom of time to spend on Social Entrepreneurship, projects that work towards societal-improvement, and planetary-betterment both locally and globally. View more here.

Innovation: Through economic inclusion, digital inclusion, and democratic participation and social entrepreneurship comes innovation, new ideas, new projects, new advocacy, new research, and new products that are beneficial to society. These processes may encourage new innovations that help with Digital Economic Inclusion, and more ways to repeat and fuel the cycle. DIGICEN aims to be an ally to Social Entrepreneurship projects that innovate and align with the goals of Digital Economic Inclusion.

How can Basic Income or cash-transfers help with Economic Inclusion? A Basic Income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement. DIGICEN will work with local innovation centers and libraries to provide information on how the poverty-stricken and homeless can participate in local cash-transfer programs and leverage CBDCs to escape poverty. A UBI or Universal Basic Income would provide economic inclusion to all people.

How can CBDCs help with Economic Inclusion? Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are types of digital money that is issued by a central bank. A CBDC complements the use of cash and bank deposits rather than replacing them. Safe money accounts at the central banks will be a strong instrument of financial inclusion through the convenience of a smartphone app. DIGICEN advocates against the use of cryptocurrencies for a variety of reasons. DIGICEN will work with local innovation centers and libraries to provide Digital Literacy programs that emphasize Digital Economic Inclusion using internet-enabled devices and apps, this is why internet access / digital inclusion is critical.

All of these combined form the Innovation Cycle of Digital Economic Inclusion. In order for the cycle to continue, DIGICEN advocates to make sure that everyone has the necessary tools: a foundational income floor such as a Universal Basic Income; access to internet-enabled devices and apps (Universal Access); freedom to use CBDCs; and access to democracy technology.

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