The Freedom to Vote Act

The Freedom to Vote Act

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  •   September 14, 2021

As part of the Democracy Technology Hub, DIGICEN reviews the new The Freedom to Vote Act. Democratic Senators introduced a new bill called The Freedom to Vote Act on September 14, 2021. The bill includes three sections: 1. Voter Access and Election Administration, 2. Election Integrity, and 3. Civic Participation and Empowerment.

The bill would improve voting rights by expanding access to voting and increase voter participation, it would provide significant improvements to election integrity, confront dark money, and would ban gerrymandering:

Highlights of the Voter Access section include:

  • Enacts an automatic voter registration system for each state
  • Makes Election Day a public holiday.
  • Several vote by mail, voting lists, voter identification types, and early voting standards.
  • Expands voting for the Disabled, Native Americans, Military, Overseas Voters, and Underserved Communities.

Highlights of the Election Integrity section include:

  • Establishes federal protections to insulate nonpartisan state and local officials who administer federal elections from undue partisan interference or control.
  • Protection of Election Records, Election Infrastructure, and Ballot Tabulation.
  • Requires states to use voting systems that use paper ballots that can be verified by voters.
  • Provides grants for states to purchase new and more secure voting systems and make cybersecurity improvements.
  • Puts in place election vendor cybersecurity standards, including standards for manufacturing and assembling voting machines, among other key security measures.
  • Creates a reporting requirement for federal campaigns to disclose certain foreign contacts.

Highlights of the Civic Participation section include:

  • Nonpartisan Redistricting Reform and Banning Partisan Gerrymandering!
  • Combatting Secret Money and Election Interference (DISCLOSE Act and Honest Ads Act).
  • Establishes a self-sustaining fund to finance critical investments in state-led innovations for our democracy and election infrastructure.
  • Stopping Illicit Super PAC Coordination.

These are some highlights of the bill as seen on the summary posted on, for more details read the original office publishing here.

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