The UBI Movement 2021

The UBI Movement 2021

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  •   August 29, 2021

Recent updates on the UBI Movement:

Basic Income Earth Network Congress 2021

The UBI Movement continues to take steps forward across the world, recently in Glasgow the BIEN Congress 2021 just ended, visitors can view a list of the agenda here.

Here is a post-Congress thread.

Have a look at the @cbinscot twitter feed to get more information.

Basic Income March 2021

The Basic Income March is upcoming, scheduled for Saturday, September 25th. There are marches planned in Reno NV, Madison WI, Denver CO, MountainView CA, Las Vegas, New York City, Portland, Los Angeles, and locations around the world. See the full list and participate here!   

For more information visit

Basic Income in Wales

Wales is launching a UBI trail! Supporters of the trial are calling out for it to be Universal. Read more here.

Basic Income in Taiwan

"UBI Taiwan held its first-ever online basic income summit on August 15, inviting professors, activists, and politicians from around the world to discuss the state of basic income during the COVID pandemic."

"Members of the Basic Income Korea Network Mok Hwakyun and Kim Jae-seop attended the summit for the question-and-answer session. They noted how basic income has become a mainstream topic in Korea."

Source: BasicIncomeToday

Basic Income Pilots Map

The Stanford Basic Income Lab does a great job keeping up with the latest Pilots around the world. View a map of the Basic Income Pilots around the world.

Basic Income Pilots in the U.S. & Mayors for a Guaranteed Income

News is coming out of the MGI, Mayors for a Guaranteed Income project, where some new states have voiced their support of Guaranteed Income Pilot programs!

Read the article published by DIGICEN on Mayors for a Guaranteed Income here.

Basic Income in the Canada Elections

According to @ubi_works "basic income is now a top election issue for Canadians."

Basic Income in South Africa

DIGICEN recently published a small article detailing the rekindling of Basic Income in South Africa.

The Child Tax Credit in the U.S.

According to "The first monthly payment of the child tax credit cut child poverty by about 25%."
Follow @ubimarchsf for more updates!

Follow Fighting Chance for Families and show your support with the hashtag #MakeTheCTCPermanent and #BEFAct

Making the CTC Permanent would empower families and children so that their children are better prepared to meet the many challenges facing them in the future.

Majority of Voters Support a Guaranteed Income in the U.S.

Last month, a memo paper was released by Data for Progress titled "Majority of Voters Support a Guaranteed Income" visitors can read the paper here.
This was also found in a poll done by

Building an Economy for Families Act - #BEFAct

The Ways & Means Committee’s Building an Economy for Families Act takes action for working families. It seeks to permanently expand the #ChildTaxCredit, a crucial lifeline keeping households afloat. Show your support by using the #BEFAct hashtag!

Want to get involved with the UBI Movement?
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