•  26 April 2023
     17:00 - 18:00

William Bishop Lammons, Becky Moss, Charlie Bignell, Chris Gale, Adam MacBride, Ricardo Ribas, Cheryl Battersby, Neena Modi

Join Will Lammons (UCL) and Becky Moss (Imperial) in discussion with Katie MacLure (BCS Health & Care Scotland) for our next live BCS BMJ HCI Journal Club hosted by Digital Health.


This journal club is based on a paper entitled, ‘Involving multiple stakeholders in assessing and reviewing a novel data visualisation tool for a national neonatal data asset‘.

The National Neonatal Research Database (NNRD) is a data asset containing detailed clinical information, a standard extract from the Electronic Patient Records of admissions to all NHS neonatal units in England, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man. The NNRD is a UK Research Ethics Service approved database and supports national and international neonatal research. Access is through the Health Data Research UK Gateway. In 2020, with the support from Medical Research Council, we began developing a Neonatal Health Intelligence Tool. Since the NNRD data tool benefits a wide range of stakeholders, we applied the concepts and methods of public and patient consultations to an exhaustive list of professional stakeholders who would use these tools to explore neonatal activity and outcomes. Our consultations and qualitative inquiry with all groups of key stakeholders has enabled us to ensure the tool’s relevance and value to the communities it serves.